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John Scully's Uechi Ryu Karate Academy
                  Developing Confidence, Discipline, Leadership
Adult Program and Self Defense

In addition to developing physical fitness and critical self defense skills, adult classes focus on the development of core values such as confidence, discipline, and leadership.  Having the skills to protect yourself and your loved ones in the worst possible scenario provides a sense of security and confidence that is life changing.  However, self-Defense is more than how to punch, kick and block.  Personal safety begins with making good decisions.  As a result, all students are steeped in our " ABC's of Conflict Avoidance" and our c
ore "Self Defense AIDS":

ABC 's of Conflict Avoidance
  • Avoid Potentially Dangerous Situations
  • Be Calm and Breath
  • Communicate with Confidence and Respect
  • Don't put yourself in a Worse Situation
  • Environment can provide Opportunity or Trouble
  • "Fire" is better to yell than "Help"!
  • Get Away!

Self Defense "AIDS"

:  Always maintain situational awareness to prevent being surprised .  (Head up, eyes and ears open.)

Instinct:  Listen to your instincts, they will serve you well.  (Human instincts have developed over thousands of years, beginning when the fight for survival was a daily event.)

Distance:  If an attacker can't hit you or grab you, they can't hurt you. 

Surprise, Speed, and Strength:  In the rare occasion where all of the above fails, you must apply the principles of Uechi Ryu with surprise, speed and strength. 

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