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Welcome to your Journey into the Martial Arts


We provide a supportive environment for our students to immerse themselves in the martial arts, promoting the growth of our students in mind, body and spirit.  

In addition to developing physical self defense techniques, our primary objective is to encourage the formation of high personal standards by incorporating the virtues of the martial arts in all aspects of our student's lives.   The ability to produce individuals who are positive, respected, contributing members of society defines our success.


The Black Belt Journey

  • Achieving the level of Black Belt is a symbol of excellence and commitment in the world of Martial Arts.
  • It gives the individual a tremendous sense of accomplishment and self worth.
  • The Black Belt represents total character development and improvement of inner self.
  • What you will have when you achieve the level of Black Belt is not nearly as important as what you will have become.


"The world is full of inevitable evils.   Karate teaches us not to escape them, but rather to gather strength to face and beat them.   It teaches us how to be men and women of humility, tolerance, and wisdom when faced with adversity."    Master Kanei Uechi, 1983

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