Children's Programs


Tiny Tigers (Ages 5-7yrs)


Our Tiny Tigers program consists of high energy classes focused on teaching kids the basics of karate, while developing confidence, discipline and leadership.   We incorporate into classes the 8 Virtues and 3 Student Creeds of a Uechi Black Belt, while also working on Bully Prevention and the ABCs of Conflict Avoidance.   

Our goals for the Tiny Tigers are:

  • Improving a child’s basic motor and LISTENING SKILLS, which will enhance their CONFIDENCE.   Helping them to become BETTER STUDENTS at school and better listeners at home.
  • Develop skills for positive social interactions by engaging people with POLITENESS and COURTESY, while improving their ability to FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS.
  • Improve major motor skills necessary for SUCCESS in any sport or activity, such as balance and mobility.
  • Provide a means for students to release their excess energy in a constructive and positive way.

All of this INCREASES THE STUDENTS ABILITY TO SUCCEED at whatever they put their mind to, and that is our ultimate goal!


Youth Program (Ages 7-12yrs)


Our youth program utilizes a detailed, age-appropriate curriculum that has been refined over decades of Uechi Ryu training.   It is designed to help shape your child into a LEADER and accentuate the traits that bring out the best in their own personality.

Using time-tested teaching methods sprinkled with the right dose of fun, our program provides an avenue for your child to reach their TRUE POTENTIAL and helps them build valued LIFE SKILLS and PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES needed for them to confidently overcome obstacles.

Children learn how to take PRIDE in developing themselves from the inside out.  Classes are regularly the best part of our students’ day.  Martial arts training CAN and WILL provide them with the advantage of creating a foundation for a HEALTHLY LIFESTYLE and give them the skill set necessary to be SUCCESSFUL in all areas of their lives.


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