"The impact is very difficult to put into words because our son has always been a pretty self-disciplined, focused child.....but the confidence he has gained (and it is a healthy confidence, no arrogance or superiority issues) is so noticeable to us that words cannot express just how important your class has been for him.  The healthy sense of confidence our son has gained noticeably transcends into everything he does from school to sports to interacting with peers as well as adults....this is not just about karate, it's educating the whole child.  Your school has been a wonderful experience not only for Sam, but the entire family."
Mike and Marcia Nelson

"Our daughter absolutely loves the program and we are so pleased with everything she is learning. Aside from getting physical activity and socializing with other kids, our daughter is truly embodying the 8 virtues she learns in Karate. These virtues transfer from the Dojo into our home life and are becoming a part of who she is as a person. John Scully’s Uechi Karate Academy is helping us mold our daughter into the kind, responsible citizen we want her to be." 
Sandy & Joe Mekonis

"Our son Nick is always excited to go to karate.  Mr. Scully uses a very good mixture of nurture, discipline, and challenge.  Nick sometimes has to be a leader and mentor for less experienced students, which pushes him outside of his comfort zone.  He has responded very well with increased maturity, confidence and focus.  Nick is not only learning effective and practical techniques to defend himself, but is growing as a whole person.  Thank you for the high quality instruction, great example, and challenging our son in a way that makes him a better karateka and person."
Dr. Eric Drown

“Sensei Scully's patience with students, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills benefits my son as a martial arts practitioner and person. Sensei Scully employs teaching strategies that improve karate skills and build a better person, instilling values that help his students become better people.”
Dawn and Craig Pendergrass

"I had been looking for a Karate instructor and school that met all my requirements; where they taught my children karate as well as respect for self and others, self discipline, and structure. 

Mr. Scully’s Academy provides that and much more.  He teaches his students about the 8 Virtues - Modesty, Courtesy, Integrity, Compassion, Gratitude, Self-Control, Perseverance, and Indomitable Spirit. During his classes he demonstrates all of them.  There is a 9th virtue that I think should be on the list, Patience!  Mr. Scully is a positive and patient instructor giving out praise and discipline in equal amounts, he nurtures the qualities in my children that my wife and I have been trying to teach them as parents.  I know that my boys will grow up to be great human beings following the 8 virtues.  

In todays world I feel that it is more important than ever to prepare our children to defend themselves both physically and mentally for any challenge that comes along.  I feel that this school provides the preparation needed to master those types of challenges.  Thank you Mr. Scully for being a great instructor!"
The Ayoob Family

"My daughter has been taking classes since August of 2013.  She absolutely loves it.   Mr. Scully has gained her trust and that has allowed her to open up with some issues.

She has gained a confidence within herself that is so refreshing to see.   I love to watch her grow with every class that she attends.  I/we couldn't ask for a better instructor, he is a wonderful person both inside and out.   We would like to give Mr. Scully a huge Thank You for his patience, understanding, willingness to help, his outstanding skills for teaching Uechi Ryu and most of all, his love of teaching the children (and adults)."  
The Schultz Family

"Sensei Scully's Karate School has been a great life experience for me. I love showing up at the dojo and am constantly motivated (by Sensei Scully) to learn and not give up or get frustrated. Not only are the self defense techniques we are learning practical and effective, but his attention to detail and ability to create personal relationships with students allows him to cultivate learning experiences that are worthwhile and valuable.”
Craig Pendergrass

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